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# Example API call for sealing a document
curl --user 'api:YOUR_API_KEY' \
  --form document='@invoice.pdf;type=application/pdf' \
  --form details='{"seller":"John","price":100}' \


Why Document Sealing?

By sealing a document, a digital seal is added to it, which will:


Prove authenticity

A document’s seal can be verified to ensure the document’s origin.


Prevent tampering

Altering the content of a sealed document will cause the seal to be invalid.


Persist details

Valuable details can be included in the document’s seal for additional verification.

Why using Sealninja?


Powerful API, no hassle with hashing, encrypting, key pairs, etc., we take care of all that.


Super secure, because we use strong security, authentication, and encryption techniques.


No sensitive data is stored: we don’t store any documents or seals.


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