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The Sealninja API is RESTful and built on HTTP.

Base URL

All API URLs referenced in this documentation start with the following base part:


When you sign up for an account, you are given an API key. You authenticate to the Sealninja API by providing your API key in the request.

Authentication to the API occurs via HTTP Basic Auth. Use api as the user name and your API key is the password. Here is how you use basic HTTP auth with curl:

curl --user 'api:YOUR_API_KEY'

You can also add the API key to the request like this:

You can find your private API key on your dashboard.


All POST requests must use multipart/form-data encoding.

Response codes

Sealninja returns standard HTTP response codes:


Everything worked as expected


Bad Request, often a missing or incorrect parameter


Unauthorized, no valid API key or certificate provided


Unsupported document type


Unprocessable document, probably an invalid seal


Server error, something is wrong on Sealninja’s end

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